improving software
management process
& code quality for your
Iris, Ensemble or Cache
objectscriptquality is a static source code analyzer for ObjectScript, whose customizable rules help improve both software management process and code quality

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objectscriptquality helps to improve your software, on making decisions, at the time that highlights junior developers to apply your best practices


Not only software is required, but a Quality Model too, so you can take advantage on our expertise to apply a new Quality Model or improve an existing one


Define your KPIs through your custom Quality Gates and get the code certification updated on each analysis run

Continous inspections
  • Automated, ongoing quality inspection
  • Unique Continuous Inspection paradigm that delivers superior results
  • Standardized, consistent and well-understood quality indices
Technical Debt Evaluation
  • SQALE methodology support
  • Support for key metrics, including SQALE Ratings and Remediation Costs
  • Granular and high-level visualizations
Actionable Reporting
  • Detailed reporting of complexity, compliance and coverage metrics
  • Trend analysis tools to monitor quality evolution and milestones
  • Actionable, role-specific insights
Rule-Based Defect Identification
  • Next to 100 rules, and growing fast
  • Duplications, issues and complexity detection
  • Support for customizable rulesets
Multidimensional Analysis
  • Avoid duplicate code and keep code complexity low
  • Enforce coding standards
  • Eradicate Bugs
Centralized Portfolio Management
  • Centralized dashboard to manage hundreds of projects
  • Real-time insight and project health metrics
  • Enterprise-wide project filters and dependency views
Recent Quality Issues Monitoring
  • Define baselines for an application such as floating periods, fixed dates or fixed versions
  • Monitor new issues raised against coding rules
Code Coverage
  • Execute unit testing
  • Overview unit testing covered code
  • Ensure new code does not break existing functionalities

Customize dashboards to allow the different profiles in your company have the information that is relevant for each one

I am a developer I am a CIO

Sources are extracted from your IRIS, Ensemble or Caché installation or your source code repository, then analysis is performed and finally the reports are sent to SonarQube™

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Source code analyzer products enable companies to reduce risk,
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Helping the largest pharmaceutical company in Europe has become an important step forward for both objectscriptQuality and Roche's software

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You are welcome to explore the objectscriptQuality demo site, and discover metrics and rules

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